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July 2008


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Jul. 6th, 2008

The Site

So, in case you don't know, I run www.everythingtwilight.com.

It became official last night, or early today, rather.

I bought it from Claudia.

But, she got offended. I thought it would be best for everyone, ya know? She's going to college and doesn't have much time, she is never on and she's only ever posted on the site three times, plus her family is in some serious turmoil. And she always say she could use the money. Not to mention I have ideas for the site, places I want it to go. I already run it, why not make if official?

She didn't see it that way.

In response, she sold it, but she also deleted the photobucket and the myspace (which is where most of our fanbase still is). So yeah, it's been difficult trying to get things back to normal, but I have plans to make the site better than ever.

I want a new layout, because wordpress feels unofficial. I'm doing a partnership with Novel Novice for a Twilight Charity which should not only get the Twilight name in a good cause, but it could also garner our site some attention. I'm slowly trying to find people who can help me post news, make graphics, etc. It's a slow process and I have found no one quite yet, but I won't give up.

Sigh! I may feel bad about the Claudia fiasco, but I won't let it affect the site. We are just about to break into the Top 10 on Top Sites. We are getting big! I just have to keep the momentum going. Hopefully it's not as hard as it sounds. x] xP.

So yeah, it felt better to write about that. Thanks for reading. Now, onward!